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About the Play

Harvey is a comedy in three acts, which premiered in New York in 1944. The successful play ran on Broadway for 5 years and won a Pulitzer Prize in 1945. 1950 it was made into a movie by Henry Kosters.  It tells the story of a perfect gentleman, Elwood P. Dowd, and his best friend, Harvey — a pooka, who is a six-foot tall, invisible rabbit. When Elwood begins introducing Harvey around town, his embarrassed sister, Veta Louise, and her daughter, Myrtle Mae, determine to commit Elwood to a sanitarium. When a misunderstanding happens, a comedy of errors ensues!

About the Author

Mary Chase was a US-American writer and journalist, who lived in Denver, Colorado from 1907 to 1981. She wrote for the Denver Times and the Rocky Mountain News until marrying journalist Robert Lamont Chase. Later she began writing plays for the theatre. From her many plays and children’s books, it was Harvey which became most successful. Mary Chase penned the screenplay for its movie adaptation. 


Elwood P. Dowd – William Jones
Veta Louise Simmons –
Isabel Adarraga
Myrtle Mae Simmons –
Wilmari Claasen
Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet –
Pascale Albrecht
Ruth Kelly  –
Sophie Flück
Duane Wilson –
Noah Lang
Dr. Lyman Sanderson –
Lorenzo Contin
Dr. William Chumley –
Ladina Mauchle
Betty Chumley –
Mia Lu
Judge Omar Gaffney –
Alexander Schulz
E. J. Lofgren –
Eliza Eckhart



Director – Saskia Kaiser
Producer – Carmen Aeschbacher
Treasurer, Music – Andrin Albrecht
Stage Designer– Claire Schrago
Marketing Manager – Pascale Albrecht &
Annegret Voigt
Director’s Assistants – Eliza Eckhart &
Hannah Künzler
Producer’s Assistant (Sponsoring)
 – Isabel Adarraga
Producer’s Assistant (Bar/Ticketing) – Pernille Meier
Photography – Melina Jobbins &
Leticia Peredo
Videography – Pascale Albrecht
Costumes Designer – Isabelle Koch &
Lux Katharina Züst
Graphic Designer – Réjane Schrago
Stage Hands – Emilie Roux dit Buisson
Gian-Luca Kuoni &
Franky Diethelm
General Assistant
– Isabel Schmidt


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