Our Story

The founders of the Blueprint Masquerades, Courtney and Lisann

Under the name “The English Dramagroup” the Blueprint Masquerades has been putting on shows on a regular basis for over 20 years. But after being threatened with disbandment, the English Dramagroup was taken over by Lisann Anders and Courtney-Corinne Binkert, and refurbished from the bottom up. Now known as the Blueprint Masquerades, the fully student-run Theater-Verein has garnered a reputation for being “surprisingly professional” throughout their productions and performances. Every year we have the honor of adding more seats and more shows for our awesome audiences.

Many of our cast and crew have stayed on and moved from behind the curtain on the stage and vice versa. About half of the group consists of students of the English Seminar. The group – generally referred to as “Blueprints” or “BPM” – welcomes students of other faculties at the University of Zurich and the ETH as well. We hold annual open auditions in fall.

In connection to our annual plays we offer to visit your school for workshops in lessons for all ages in both English and German. These workshops can improve improvisational skills or help gaining a better understanding of the play. Write us if you’d like more information on our workshops: