In the summer of 2021, we decided to carry out an idea that had been in our minds for a while: creating some BPM merch! We brainstormed different ideas and then a few members of the group designed the individual items. We are incredibly excited about this and hope you are too! By the way: BPM merch makes for a great gift, and Christmas is juuust around the corner… 😉

The different merch items, designed by different members of the BPM.

How it works: Take a look at the different items below and then preorder the items you would like to purchase through this form. You can then pick up and pay for your order at one of our performances in October (22nd, 23rd, 24th, 27th, and 28th of October 2021). If you won’t be able to pick it up there, please mention it in the form and then we will contact you and figure out an alternative solution together. Please note that your order is binding.

Preorders for this batch are open until Thursday, 30 September 2021, 24:00.

Thank you so much for your support! By ordering merch, you are helping us finance our productions and getting some cool memorabilia in return!

“Drama à la BPM” Sticker Pack | CHF 4.-

Do you want to decorate your laptop, planner, or phone case? Do you need a gift for your nephew or niece who has an extensive sticker collection? Or would you just like a few cool stickers yourself? Then the “Drama à la BPM” Sticker Pack is right for you! The pack includes 5 stickers: a BPM logo sticker, a “No Drama Drama Club” sticker (designed by Nadia), a “Stay Weïrd” sticker (designed by Sinja), which references our current production, a “The Many Faces of Drama” sticker (designed by Andrin), referencing different past BPM productions, and a vintage BPM logo sticker.

“All the World’s a Stage” Tote Bag | CHF 10.-

One can never have enough tote bags! They are plastic-free, stylish, and come in super handy at numerous occasions. Carry around your things or groceries with a little bit of Shakespeare and theater by your side in this “All the World’s a Stage” tote bag, which was designed by Isabel! It is 38x42cm in size, with the straps being 70cm long.

“Mask & Leaves” Mug | CHF 12.-

In the BPM, coffee and tea is what carries us through long rehearsal days and evenings, so creating a mug as merch was a no-brainer. If you, too, are a tea or coffee addict, then the “Mask & Leaves” Mug was made for you! The mug has a volume of 340ml and was designed by Gian-Luca.

“The Essential BPM” Pin | CHF 3.-

Show your support of the BPM with this handy pin, which can be added to different bags, backpacks, jackets, or other items of clothing. “The Essential BPM” Pin was designed by Isabel and is 3.8cm in diameter.

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