Activity Fair


We have news! On Wednesday, you will be able to find us at the activity fair by @impulsfabrik in Lichthof! Come by to play some fun games & get some tickets for our play.
Most importantly, be there from 13:45-14:00 to see us perform a scene from this year’s play Harvey! We look forward to meeting you!




left to right

Saskia Kaiser (Director & President) – Emilie Roux dit Buisson (Stage Hand) – Gian-Luca Kuoni (Stage Hand) – Claire Schrago (Stage Design) – William Jones (Elwood P. Dowd) – Lux Katharina Züst (Costume Design) – Melina Jobbins (Photography) – Cédric Stüssi (Music) – Wilmari Claasen (Myrtle Mae Simmons)

Our Cast and Crew (II)

Round two of our fancy headshots. Meet the cast & crew of this year’s production of the play “Harvey” by Mary Chase!


left to right

Noah Lang (Duane Wilson) – Isabelle Koch (Costume Design) – Carmen Aeschbacher (Producer) – Isabel Schmidt (General Assistant) – Franky Diethelm (Stage Hand) – Pascale Albrecht (Marketing & Ethel Chauvenet) – Ladina Mauchle (Dr. Chumley) – Réjane Schrago (Graphic Design) – Lorenzo Contin (Dr. Sanderson)

Our Cast and Crew!

Let us *officially* introduce you to this year’s cast and crew! (Part I)


left to right

Leticia Peredo (Photography) – Andrin Albrecht (Treasurer & Music) –  Isabel Adarraga (Sponsoring & Veta Simmons) – Annegret Voigt (Marketing) – Mia Lu (Betty Chumley) – Eliza Eckhart (Assistant Director & E. J. Lofgren) – Alex Schulz (Judge Gaffney) – Sophie Flück (Ruth Kelly) – Pernille Meier (Assistant Producer)

Christmas Play Auditions!

Christmas play auditions info bild.jpeg

Halloween is over – this means Christmas time is here 😉❄️🎄

We are looking for actors for this year’s Christmas play which we will perform at the Christmas party of the FAVA (20th of December). If you are interested in playing a part, write an email to Désirée Wenger ( until the 10th of November!

Meet our Cast & Crew

silly group picture.JPG

Elwood P. Dowd – 
William Jones
Veta Louise Simmons –
 Isabel Adarraga
Myrtle Mae Simmons –
 Wilmari Claasen
Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet – 
Pascale Albrecht
Ruth Kelly  – 
Sophie Flück
Duane Wilson – 
Noah Lang
Dr. Lyman Sanderson – 
Lorenzo Contin
Dr. William Chumley – 
Ladina Mauchle
Betty Chumley – 
Mia Lu
Judge Omar Gaffney – 
Alexander Schulz
E. J. Lofgren – 
Eliza Eckhart

Director – Saskia Kaiser
Producer – Carmen Aeschbacher
Treasurer, Music – Andrin Albrecht
Stage Designer– Claire Schrago
Marketing Manager – Pascale Albrecht &
Annegret Voigt
Director’s Assistants – Eliza Eckhart &
Hannah Künzler
Producer’s Assistant (Sponsoring/Bar)
 – Isabel Adarraga
Producer’s Assistant (General/Ticketing) – Pernille Meier
Photography – Melina Jobbins &
Leticia Peredo
Videography – Pascale Albrecht
Costumes Designer – Isabelle Koch &
Lux Züst
Graphic Designer – Réjane Schrago
Stage Hands – Emilie Roux dit Buisson
Stage Hands – Gian-Luca Kuoni
General Assistant – Isabel Schmid