Time to to get your tickets!

We are happy to tell you that tickets are available now at the Secretary’s Office of the English Department. Tell them if you’re a student to get a discount!

Thanks to our friends from SimplyTheatre, you can also buy tickets online! Go to their website: https://www.simplytheatre.com/online/blueprint and get yourself a shiny online ticket!

Alternatively, you can also make a reservation under tickets@blueprintmasquerades.com and pick them up at the box office at the night of the performance.

On March 14, we’ll have a special ticket and cake sale at the uni main building, where you can grab a ticket and get a piece of cake for free. Stay tuned for more information on that!

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

All the dramatic love we can muster,


Behold, the Arcadia Trailer!

Not sure yet what you’re in for with Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia?
Then check out our trailer fresh off the film wheel! Get to know Thomasina and her antics, Lady Croom’s temper and the many things Hannah has to put with. Now it won’t be long and you can see those darlings in real life!

Only one month left until the performances, and we’re so excited to have you in our audience soon!

Dates announced, costumes fitted, play rehearsed – we’re waiting for you!

Good news, we’re finally ready to announce our performances in a very formal, official fashion, namely in form of a blog post.
Have you been absent from our performances in the years before because you didn’t want stay in the university area after dark? Then we have the solution for you. For the first time ever, we’re having two matinées at 2pm! Come and join us after you just had lunch – what could be better? Or  instead, watch two performances back to back without ever getting out of your seat. The possibilities are endless.

You’ll be able to see the BPM’s Arcadia on the following dates:

Thursday, March 23, 19.30
Friday, March 24, 19.30
Saturday, March 25, 14.00
Saturday, March 25, 19.30
Sunday, March 26, 14.00


Download the flyer for Arcadia here: PDF

Simply Theatre Promoting Arcadia!

We are excited to announce that the BPM and this year’s production of Arcadia is backed by the phenomenal theater organization Simply Theatre, a top-tier English speaking performing arts training school and children’s theater producing company in Switzerland for the ages from 7 to 17, based in Zurich and Geneva.
Not only do they help promote English theater in Switzerland, but they enrich the children’s lives with the experiences they make during the productions and enchanting performances, and they also help them gain skills in the professional courses they offer and performances they give. And as if that’s not cool enough, this year they decided to support our play Arcadia! Make sure to check them out here

And the name of our new play is… [insert suspense]

Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia!

The roles are cast and the crew is set, and we’re ready for a new amazing production year! Are you wondering what Arcadia is about, or who is actually in the drama group? Then we got the solution for you! Check out the link below to read up on Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia and choose your favourite character to start a fan club.

Learn more about our new play and our cast & crew on our production page.

Stay tuned for more information on the play and rehearsal pictures! We hope you are as excited as we are!



Thanks to everyone who came to the Meet & Greet! It was lovely meeting you all!

Next week we’re having our auditions for our new play, Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia. If you’re interested in acting in this production, please sign up on the link below.
We’re looking forward to seeing you act!


Thank You!

Now after a few weeks of well-deserved resting  we can look back on five great performances.

With roughly 150 people per night The Tempest has been our most successful play yet! We wanna thank everyone who helped to make The Tempest the fantastic experience that it was. A special thank you goes to Mel, our great costume designer who worked almost day and night to finish the beautiful costumes. We also wanna thank Pablo, who composed our music and turned the Shakespeare’s song lyrics from the Tempest into kick ass music that became a vital part of our show. Another thanks goes to  Jeanette and Shyoko who did our make up for our performances!

And a very big thank you goes to you, our audience. It was amazing to play in front of a full house every night and we are very grateful for your support!

Get to see some new pictures from the Tempest cast here. More pictures from the performances will follow soon!