We’re back and excited to announce the new play we’re performing in 2023: a tricky murder mystery The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens, written by Billy St. John. The murder of the villainous millionaire Edward Worthington wreaks havoc on his family and close associates, though perhaps not for the reasons one might expect. The case is investigated by a slick detective who, when not breaking the fourth wall, is busy finding out who had the most motive to kill Mr. Worthington. Was it the bitter ex-wife? His dubious lawyer? Or maybe his sexy secretary? Find out at our performances in Spring!


We are UZH and ETH’s devastatingly charming, fully student-run, no-drama drama club.

We meet regularly throughout the year to prepare our productions and cultivate our passion for both the performing arts and everything that goes on backstage—and to just have fun! [read more]


  • 2023 Production Announcement!!

    The BPM is proud to announce the 2023 play: The Plot, like Gravy, Thickens by Billy St. John! The play’s subtitle promises it to be “A Murder Mystery/ Comedy with Audience Interaction, Great Storm Effects, Spiffy Costumes, and Lots of Other Good Stuff”. If that sounds exciting to you, hop over to our current productionContinue reading “2023 Production Announcement!!”

  • Q&A With the Directors

    Last spring, Carmen and Isabel, our two co-writers and co-directors of The Forest attended a colloquium on the topic “Performing Shakespeare” together at the English Seminar. As this topic fit the BPM’s 2021 production and what Isabel and Carmen did with their adaption of Macbeth perfectly, one of their classmates, Philipp Makowski, conducted a littleContinue reading “Q&A With the Directors”


Noemi Ehrat on August Osage County in
Zürcher Studierendenzeitung

“Ein Highlight für das Publikum ist die live gespielte, speziell für die Aufführung komponierte Musik.”

Raph al Guul on The Tempest in
The Zurich English Student

To recommend this show would be an understatement.” 

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Any UZH or ETH student is welcome!

If you want to become part of the group, be it in cast or crew, come to our meet & greet at the beginning of the fall semester! [more info]

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