Producer – Jay Dürig

Our producer is in charge of managing the overall production, be it assembling a motivated and capable crew or organizing financial banking. She is ultimately responsible for making sure our production progresses from conception to performance runs as smoothly as possible.

Directors – Eliza Eckhart & Alex Schulz

The directors are in charge of organizing annual auditions and selecting cast members. When the cast is complete, it is the directors’ task to instruct and guide the actors towards a mature onstage performance and to convey the play’s message to the audience.

Treasurer – Ladina Mauchle

While it is the producer’s job to find sponsors, it is the treasurer’s task to allocate an appropriate amount of money to each department. They must consider the purchase of play rights, how much the stage will cost or what to invest in advertising. Moreover, they must ensure that none of the departments exceed their budget.

Stage Designer – Noah Lang

Every production takes place on a stage of some sort, and it is the stage designer’s responsibility to create the space surrounding the actors. In consultation with the director, they decide what needs to be on stage at what time and how the set will complement the actors’ performance.

Costume Designer – Wilmari Claasen

Equally important for the creation of the atmosphere on stage are the costumes that the actors wear. In accordance with the directors, it is the costume designer’s responsibility to create and source fitting costumes for the actors that match the atmosphere of the play and the stage design.

Props & Makeup Master – Lilith Frey

Working closely with both stage and costumes, our props and makeup master is responsible for all the  details on stage that tie everything together. It is their job to make and decide on things like swords or hors d’oeuvres that the actors engage with on stage as well as to come up with fitting and interesting makeup looks for the actors.

Music Manager – Cédric Stüssi

The music manager is responsible for recruiting and coordinateng the ensemble for our performances, as well as composing the score. They work closely with our director to ensure that the musical accompaniment finds its proper place within the play.

Marketing Managers – Sinja Bucher & Jenni Gasser

Ideally, the play would sell itself. However, audience members first must find their way to a performance. Marketing is in charge of maintaining a loyal audience base and animating potential new spectators to see the play. Among others, this requires using channels such as print or social media.