Pictured: the founders of the Blueprint Masquerades, Courtney and Lisann


The Blueprint Masquerades is the fully student-run English theater group of the University of Zurich.

Consisting of students from many different faculties at UZH and ETH, we’re a wild mix of people with a passion for the performing arts. Be it acting on stage, writing and playing music, designing stage and costumes, directing, producing, or advertising the play: We do it all ourselves and have garnered a reputation for being “surprisingly professional“ in what we do. In the BPM, as the group is generally referred to, students can discover their hidden talents and engage with other students in a creative, fun, and social manner, providing a nice balance to the sometimes a bit strenuous daily routine at university. While it is a lot of hard work to put on a full play and everything around it each year, we do it with a burning passion and a ton of fun, forming long-lasting friendships along the way.

The group was shaped in the way it is known today in 2012, when Lisann Anders and Courtney-Corinne Binkert refurbished the previous ES drama club, known under the name “The English Dramagroup”, when it was being threatened with disbandment. Before that, “The English Dramagroup” had been putting on shows on a regular basis for over 20 years. Since 2012, the Blueprint Masquerades has grown considerably, become more known around UZH and opened up more to non-English seminar students. Year after year, we have the honor of adding more seats and more shows for our awesome audiences.

We are organized as a Verein and put on one big production once an academic year, with performances in spring, held at the Theatersaal at Campus Irchel. We usually take new members at the beginning of the autumn semester, when we do a meet & greet and hold open auditions for the new play. Visit the Join Us page if you’d like to know more about that!

Contact: info@blueprintmasquerades.com