2013: (F)Ailing (T)Errors


(F)Ailing (T)Errors poster In this rewriting of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing journalist Benedict Dickinson and writer Beatrice Nato fight a merry war of the sexes in upstate New York in the mid-twenthieth century. They are variously helped or hindered in this war by their family, friends and foes. The stakes get even higher once Ben’s assistant Clark and Beatrice’s cousin Haley fall in love with each other.

Lisann Anders has succeeded in writing a hilarious adaptation of Shakespeare’s play, transforming it into a musical along the way with the addition of songs by Cole Porter and many others.

Stage Director, Playwright: Lisann Anders

Cast: Dominik Holzer, Anja Leu, Sara Schmid, Sara Bucher, Julia Utiger, Fabia Morger, Parijat Ghoshal, Wioleta Karpinska, Olivia Tjon-A-Meeuw, Johanna Knessl, Raphael Knecht, Jenifer Bebié

Crew: Rosi Pang, Eveline Birrer, Courtney-Corinne Binkert, Robin Weil, Patrick Fiedler, Angela Kaiser