2016: The Tempest

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About the Play 

In William Shakespeare’s The Tempest we are plunged into the breath-taking story of Prospero, exiled Duke of Milan. Banished to a lonely island with only his daughter as company, Prospero has fashioned himself into a great magician, aided by the mischievous spirit Ariel. When his brother Antonio, the man who usurped and exiled him, crosses the sea, Prospero raises the titular tempest, causing Antonio and his whole ship party to wreck on the island. Finally, revenge seems to be within Prospero’s grasp.

The Tempest is one of Shakespeare’s lat masterpieces; a story at times uproariously funny, at times beautifully earnest. Accompanied by an original musical score, this Blueprint Masquerades production offered an evening full of magic, excitement and adventure.

Prospero – Tim Segessemann
Ariel – Andri Erdin
Caliban – Astrit Abazi
Miranda – Mayumi Kinoshita
Ferdinand – Michael Morari
Bastiana – Lisa Weigelt
Antonio – Raphael Tandler
Gregoria – Adriana Rüegger
Alonso – Timoteo Cozzio
Stephano – Gagan Narula
Trincula – Olivia Tjon-A-Meeuw
Adria – Mirjam Fehr
Francesca – Deborah Gobber
Iris – Mansi Tiwari
Juno – Johanna Knessl
Ceres – Stephanie Heeb
Master of the Ship – Oliver Pont
Boatswain – Yunus Cem Durrer
Mariner – Chiara Baum
Spirit – Sarah Rechsteiner

Director – Lisann Anders
                                         Co-Director, Lighting & Sound – 
Christoph Hans
Stage Design – 
Mansi Tiwari
Musical Director – Pablo a Marca
Musicians – 
Andrin Albrecht
Oliver Pont
Yolanda Landtwing
Yunus Cem Durrer
Costume Designer –
Melanie Böhmer
Light technician –
Gurjot Siduh

Producer – Oliver Maag
Assistant Producer – Mayumi Kinoshita
Finances – Olivia Tjon-A-Meeuw
Marketing Director – Adriana Rüegger
Marketing Assistant – Stefanie Marxer
Marketing Design – Oliver Pont
Photography & Video – Rosi Pang
Back stage minion – Sarah Rechsteiner