2019: The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

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About the Play

Our next production will be an adaptation of American playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis’ The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, a court drama which premiered in New York in 2005.

At its heart lies the ancient case of Judas’ treason and the question of his eternal destination. In an interplay of humorous and tragic scenes, it is discussed whether Judas really belongs in hell. After all, did his treason not fulfill an important part in God’s plan? In “Downtown Purgatory”, lawyer Fabiana Aziza Cunningham tries persistently to win Judas’ case in his name against Judge Littlefield and defense attorney Yusef El-Fayoumy. Among the witnesses interrogated by the jury are famous names like Mother Theresa, Pontius Pilate, Sigmund Freud and even the devil. When the Prince of Darkness himself is conjured up from hell onto the witness stand, he presents yet another perspective of mankind’s most famous case of treason. Since all the inhabitants of purgatory also await their final judgement themselves, their own interests influence the trial as well.

About the Author

Stephen Adly Guirgis is an American playwright, director, and actor. Next to the Pulitzer Price, which he won in 2015 for his theatre piece Between Riverside and Crazy, he received many more awards for his works; he was nominated six times for the Tony Award with his Broadway debut The Motherfucker with the Hat. As an actor, he had his first appearance in 2008 in the movie Synechdoche New York. Further, he directed numerous little TV series which were very successful in the US. His pieces are known for their satiric humor and their critical questions about morale and society.


Fabiana Aziza Cunningham – Olivia Fischer
Yusef El-Fayoumy – Kiran Kuzhippallil
Judas Iscariot – Faisal Haq
Judge Littlefield – Emilie Roux dit Buisson
Bailiff – Gian-Luca Kuoni
Butch Honeywell & Caiaphas the Elder – Bill Kirkby
Loretta & Sister Glenna & Saint Monica – Claudia Wind
Gloria & Mother Teresa – Désirée Wenger
Satan – Aysegül Barlas
Jesus of Nazareth – Jonas Stetter
Henrietta Iscariot & Mary Magdalene – Pascale Albrecht
Saint Peter & Auntie Pina – Isabel Adarraga
Simon the Zealot & Sigmund Freud – Leiv Andresen
Saint Thomas & Saint Matthew – Cédric Stüssi
Pontius Pilate & Matthias of Galilee – Alexander Schulz


Director – Saskia Kaiser
Producer – Désirée Wenger
Treasurer, Music – Andrin Albrecht
Stage Designer– Fartun Ali
Marketing Manager – Charlotte Spalinger &
Emilie Roux dit Buisson
Producer’s Assistant – Carmen Aeschbach
Photography & Videography – Annegret Voigt
Costumes Designer – Carla Rohowsky
Graphic Designer – Jasmin Karim
Sponsoring/Lighting Manager – Alena Zwahlen
Make-up Designer – Imane Ayoub
Stage Hands– Maya Tharian &
Gabriela Osterhellweg