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Saskia Kaiser (Director & President) – Emilie Roux dit Buisson (Stage Hand) – Gian-Luca Kuoni (Stage Hand) – Claire Schrago (Stage Design) – William Jones (Elwood P. Dowd) – Lux Katharina Züst (Costume Design) – Melina Jobbins (Photography) – Cédric Stüssi (Music) – Wilmari Claasen (Myrtle Mae Simmons)

Our Cast and Crew (II)

Round two of our fancy headshots. Meet the cast & crew of this year’s production of the play “Harvey” by Mary Chase!


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Noah Lang (Duane Wilson) – Isabelle Koch (Costume Design) – Carmen Aeschbacher (Producer) – Isabel Schmidt (General Assistant) – Franky Diethelm (Stage Hand) – Pascale Albrecht (Marketing & Ethel Chauvenet) – Ladina Mauchle (Dr. Chumley) – Réjane Schrago (Graphic Design) – Lorenzo Contin (Dr. Sanderson)

Our Cast and Crew!

Let us *officially* introduce you to this year’s cast and crew! (Part I)


left to right

Leticia Peredo (Photography) – Andrin Albrecht (Treasurer & Music) –  Isabel Adarraga (Sponsoring & Veta Simmons) – Annegret Voigt (Marketing) – Mia Lu (Betty Chumley) – Eliza Eckhart (Assistant Director & E. J. Lofgren) – Alex Schulz (Judge Gaffney) – Sophie Flück (Ruth Kelly) – Pernille Meier (Assistant Producer)

Christmas Play Auditions!

Christmas play auditions info bild.jpeg

Halloween is over – this means Christmas time is here 😉❄️🎄

We are looking for actors for this year’s Christmas play which we will perform at the Christmas party of the FAVA (20th of December). If you are interested in playing a part, write an email to Désirée Wenger (desiree.wenger@uzh.ch) until the 10th of November!

Meet our Cast & Crew

silly group picture.JPG

Elwood P. Dowd – 
William Jones
Veta Louise Simmons –
 Isabel Adarraga
Myrtle Mae Simmons –
 Wilmari Claasen
Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet – 
Pascale Albrecht
Ruth Kelly  – 
Sophie Flück
Duane Wilson – 
Noah Lang
Dr. Lyman Sanderson – 
Lorenzo Contin
Dr. William Chumley – 
Ladina Mauchle
Betty Chumley – 
Mia Lu
Judge Omar Gaffney – 
Alexander Schulz
E. J. Lofgren – 
Eliza Eckhart

Director – Saskia Kaiser
Producer – Carmen Aeschbacher
Treasurer, Music – Andrin Albrecht
Stage Designer– Claire Schrago
Marketing Manager – Pascale Albrecht &
Annegret Voigt
Director’s Assistants – Eliza Eckhart &
Hannah Künzler
Producer’s Assistant (Sponsoring/Bar)
 – Isabel Adarraga
Producer’s Assistant (General/Ticketing) – Pernille Meier
Photography – Melina Jobbins &
Leticia Peredo
Videography – Pascale Albrecht
Costumes Designer – Isabelle Koch &
Lux Züst
Graphic Designer – Réjane Schrago
Stage Hands – Emilie Roux dit Buisson
Stage Hands – Gian-Luca Kuoni
General Assistant – Isabel Schmid


Auditions Info Bild.PNG

The auditions start next week! 🎭
If you want to audition for this year’s play Harvey by Mary Chase, send a notification to our director Saskia so she can send you the Audition’s Notice. director@blueprintmasquerades.com
Be sure to notify her which date would fit you best or if both work out! Below you find some additional information to this year’s performance!
Break a leg! 😊🎉


1. Audition Dates
Wednesday, 02.09.19
Thursday, 03.09.19
Friday, 04.09.19 (potential callback day)
All auditions will start at 18:30 in the English Seminar.

2. Show Dates
Our performance dates will be on the
Saturday, 18.04.2020
Sunday, 19.04.2020
Thursday, 23.04.2020
Friday, 24.04.2020
Saturday, 25.04.2020

3. Rehearsals
Rehearsals will be on Wednesday evenings at 18:30 in the HIM building underneath the Polyterrasse. However, the auditions will be held in the English Seminar. Further rehearsals in the spring semester 2019 will be announced later on. Additionally, there will be a rehearsal week from 10.02.2020 to 14.02.2020 which is mandatory.

Meet & Greet!

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-19 at 01.19.40.jpeg

If you are interested in joining the Blueprint Masquerades – be it as an actor or as part of the crew – come and get to know us at the Meet & Greet! There you will meet the board and get all the information on which positions are still vacant. We would love to have a chat with you!

Date:       Tuesday, 24th September 2019
Time:      18:30
Place:      English Seminar (Plattenstrasse 47, 8032 Zürich)