As you might have already seen, this past week we finally revealed what we have been working on over the past few months: BPM MERCH! With the help of different members of the group, we have created stickers, a tote bag, a mug, and a pin. Because we haven’t been able to do a cakeContinue reading “Merch”


Long time no see! Over the past few months, the BPM has of course also been quite affected by current Covid-19 regulations. We were forced to cease meeting in person and continued with doing Zoom rehearsals, just like last spring. As regulations were extended into February, we are unable to do our rehearsal week, whichContinue reading “Update”

Performances Sold Out!

Thanks to everybody! We are overjoyed to see that all of our performances are sold out. We can’t wait until we can finally show you all the hard work we put into this production (and Havery can’t wait either… 😉 ). Don’t forget your chair!


The premiere is only two weeks away and here is our trailer for Harvey! Are you as excited as we are? There’s still some tickets left for the 8th of July! Reserve here.