Meet & Greet 2020

Are you curious about the BPM? Do you want to audition or join our crew? Are you a theater-fanatic but don’t have a clue what you want?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should definitely come to our annual meet & greet on Wednesday, 23 September, at 7.30pm! In the meeting, you get the chance to get to know the BPM and its current members a bit more, to learn how everything works and how things are structured, and to chat to the different department heads so you can figure out if and what part of the group you want to join!

The current situation won’t allow us to do it in person, so we have decided to hold the meet & greet over Zoom. We will first relay some general info and then split up into breakout rooms so you can talk to individual members of the different departments. The meeting ID is 982 0408 6126 and the password is 573904. Here’s the direct link:…

Generally, we are looking for:
• Actors
• A Director’s Assistant
• Stage Designers
• A costume Assistant
• A Photographer and a videographer
• Musicians
• A Producer’s Assistant
• Light & sound technicians
• A Graphic Designer
• Cake bakers & bar helpers

As always, anyone from UZH or ETH is welcome. No theater experience required! We’re looking forward to meeting you! 🙂

The BPM Newsletter

Introducing… The BPM Newsletter! We finally decided to step up our game and created a proper newsletter for anyone that doesn’t check our social media or website all too often (and for anyone else too, of course!) 😄🎭 It will be sent out 5 times a year, whenever something of importance happened or is about to happen.

Subscribe to it here and spread the word!

Ersti Fair 2020

Listen up, people! Starting tomorrow, 8 September, up until Monday, 14 September, the University of Zurich is hosting virtual Erstsemestrigentage for all the freshers who are starting their studies this upcoming semester. As a part of this virtual experience, VSUZH has organized a virtual Ersti Fair, which the BPM is a part of!

We’ll be live-chatting at our booth on Tuesday, 8 September, from 1pm until 4pm, and on Thursday, 10 September, from 9am until 5pm. We’ll also be hosting an informative Zoom meeting open to everyone on Thursday, 10 September, at 1pm until 3pm. You’ll find the link and password to join at our stand!

Come find our virtual booth at any point during the Erstsemestrigentage 2020, live chat with us, watch our fresher’s introduction video, and join our zoom meeting if you want to know what the BPM is all about!

Harvey Photo Gallery

The Harvey production has come to a close, and we are excited to share some pictures from the play and of the whole rehearsal process! Click here to view the photo gallery and here to watch all Harvey related videos.

This production was wonderful, many new people joined our group, we had a lot of awesome moments and put on a fun and witty comedy together. Of course, we also encountered many obstacles, with a global pandemic raging and an university closing all its building. Nevertheless, we pulled through and made it happen and put on our play in a safe and suitable way, making the production of Harvey especially unforgettable!

We are incredibly grateful for you, our audience, for your great support all throughout this journey! THANK YOU!

Performances Sold Out!

fully booked picture

Thanks to everybody! We are overjoyed to see that all of our performances are sold out. We can’t wait until we can finally show you all the hard work we put into this production (and Havery can’t wait either… 😉 ). Don’t forget your chair!


The premiere is only two weeks away and here is our trailer for Harvey! Are you as excited as we are?
There’s still some tickets left for the 8th of July! Reserve here.

Announcement: Performances 2020

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-05 at 12.13.27

We’re happy to announce that we will have performances of our play Harvey this year after all! The whole team has been restlessly looking for solutions since the outbreak of the pandemic and now we finally found a new location and new dates.

The play will take place at the 3rd/5th/8th/9th/10th of July at the Ehemalige Zentralwäscherei Zürich near Hardbrücke. This is an industrial building without seating arrangements, so you are asked to bring your own chairs. No matter if camping chairs, pillows or blankets – get creative! You may also bring your own drinks and snacks to the performances.

The admission will be free and there will be an optional collection at the end of the performance. Since there is an audience limit of 50 people per performance please reserve your tickets online here.

We look forward to seeing you!