Thank You!

Now after a few weeks of well-deserved resting  we can look back on five great performances.

With roughly 150 people per night The Tempest has been our most successful play yet! We wanna thank everyone who helped to make The Tempest the fantastic experience that it was. A special thank you goes to Mel, our great costume designer who worked almost day and night to finish the beautiful costumes. We also wanna thank Pablo, who composed our music and turned the Shakespeare’s song lyrics from the Tempest into kick ass music that became a vital part of our show. Another thanks goes to  Jeanette and Shyoko who did our make up for our performances!

And a very big thank you goes to you, our audience. It was amazing to play in front of a full house every night and we are very grateful for your support!

Get to see some new pictures from the Tempest cast here. More pictures from the performances will follow soon!