A Thank You (with Pictures)

Almost a week has passed since our final performance and we haven’t quite figured out what to do with that much free time yet! 

We wanna use this moment to thank everyone who has helped us to bring Arcadia to life: the cast and crew, our generous sponsors, Heidi from Freistil-Kostümatelier and our dear friend Melanie who created our beautiful costumes, Jeanette who made us look pretty and/or old with her make-up, everyone who volunteered to help us to sell tickets/cakes at the performances or any of our events before, and especially you, dear audience, for coming to our performances and laughing at our jokes! You are the true heroes!

And what better to say thank you than showing you some pictures of what we have created together. The gallery with the pictures of the performances is up. Check out our gallery and relive the best moments of Arcadia! 

See you again next year!*

*meaning: stay tuned for more Arcadia aftermath and other BPM projects

group picture