2021 Play and Cast & Crew

We’re proud to announce the 2021 play, which is a modern adaption of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, written by two of our own: The Forest!

Over the past few months, Isabel and Carmen have been working tirelessly on their script and now we’re finally holding it in our hands, ready to dive into rehearsals, music composition, set construction and costume sewing! Here’s a first glimpse at the plot of the play:

“Welcome to The Forest, the most innovative adventure resort in the world!” With that, the employees of Duncan Chem, a company that produces poisonous chemicals, are welcomed on their team-building retreat in the wilderness by park manager Hecate Thorne. Expecting nothing but a light-hearted trip to nature with some rather annoying co-workers, the Duncan Chem crew is soon confronted with a tragic turn of events when Richard Duncan, proud owner of the company, is murdered in his sleep.

Are you as excited as we are? Performances will be in April next year!

And now, let us (re)introduce ourselves: This is the crew & cast of The Forest!


Alexander Macbeth – William Jones
Kate Macbeth – Jelena Taylor Botacio
Rose Macduff – Eliza Eckhart
Claudio Banquo – Fernando Nunes Borba
Aliena Weïrd – Judith Dürig
Celia Weïrd – Pascale Albrecht
Richard Duncan – Alexander Schulz
Emilia Lennox – Naomi Schenkel
Malcolm Duncan – Samuel Anzalone
Nick Porter – Jana Eberle
Hecate – Ladina Mauchle


Co-Directors – Isabel Schmidt &
Carmen Aeschbacher
Directors’ Assistant – Nima Wermelinger
Producer – Pernille Meier
Producer’s Assistants – Isabel Adarraga &
Jeannine Friedrich
Treasurer – Andrin Albrecht
Treasurer’s Assistant – Ladina Mauchle
Head of Stage – Melina Jobbins
Stage Crew – Gian-Luca Kuoni
Lorena Schnüringer
Anina Widrig &
Laura Schmid
Heads of Marketing – Pascale Albrecht &
Isabelle Koch
Photography – Leticia Peredo
Videography – Sinja Bucher
Graphic Design – Nadia Hofmann
Head of Costume – Lux Katharina Züst
Costume Crew – Wilmari Claasen
Johanna Russ
Ladina Mauchle &
Vera Loistl
Head of Music – Andrin Albrecht
Music Assistant – Cédric Stüssi
Band – Vera Bernhard
Isabel Adarraga &
Julia Bogdan
General Assistant
– Hannah Künzler