2023 Production Announcement!!

The BPM is proud to announce the 2023 play: The Plot, like Gravy, Thickens by Billy St. John! The play’s subtitle promises it to be “A Murder Mystery/ Comedy with Audience Interaction, Great Storm Effects, Spiffy Costumes, and Lots of Other Good Stuff”. If that sounds exciting to you, hop over to our current production page, where you can find a plot summary as well as information about the performances!!

Now let us introduce ourselves:


Walter 1 / Edward Worthington – William Jones
Walter 2 / James McMillan – Guido Marinoni
Allegra – Ayşegül Barlas
Tony Blackwell – Aviv Shavit-Zepeda
Justine Worthington – Naomi Schenkel
Peggy Sue Brumley – Jay Dürig
Beatrice Worthington – Josephine Müller
Roy Phillips – Antony Brogli
Connie Phillips – Wilmari Claasen
Lawrence Tate – Alain Liechti
Debra Worthington – Jana Eberle
Edith – Selina Forrer
Hollister – Gian-Luca Kuoni
Mrs. Vickers – Janine Ochsenbein
Ina – Victoria Buchholz


Co-Directors – Eliza Eckhart
Alex Schulz
Assistant Directors – Robin Künzler
Maruja Ortega
Producer – Jay Dürig
Assistant Producers – Lara Giannini
Ren Schnüriger
Treasurer – Ladina Mauchle

Head of Stage – Noah Lang
Stage Crew – Lara Giannini
Chiara Longhi
Noemi Shavit-Zepeda
Aviv Shavit-Zepeda
Lighting Technician – Holly Werner

Co-Heads of Marketing – Sinja Bucher
Jenny Gasser
Photography – Letícia Peredo
Noemi Shavit-Zepeda
Videography – Emily Rushton
Social Media – Pascale Albrecht
Keyshav Mor
Anne Treinen
Graphic Design – Isabel Schmidt
Merch Design – Linda Lucius
Isabel Schmidt
Website – Lara Giannini

Head of Costumes – Wilmari Claasen
Costume Crew – Zoe Bischoff
Jana Eberle
Jenny Eiholzer
Max Korobeynikova
Gian-Luca Kuoni
Veronika Neumann
Noemi Shavit-Zepeda
Holly Werner

Head of Props – Lilith Frey
Props Crew – Varvara Lantukh
Linda Lucius
Holly Werner

Head of Music – Cédric Stüssi
Assistant Head of Music – Nico Wolf
Music Crew – Larissa Bison (Piano)
Kathrin Sauder (Violin)
Anne Treinen (Flute / Piccolo)
Nico Wolf (Guitar)
Linus Zwahlen (Saxophone)

We can’t wait to see you in spring!!